How To Mix Concrete For A Floor Slab?

Question: How To Mix Concrete For A Floor Slab?
Before the oversite concrete is laid it is usual to blind the leading surface area of the hardcore. The function of this is to prevent the damp concrete running down in between the lumps of busted brick or stone, as this would make it much easier for water to permeate up with the hardcore and also would certainly be wasteful of concrete.
To blind, or seal, the top surface of the hardcore a slim layer of extremely dry coarse concrete can be topped it, or a thin layer of crude clinker or ash can be used, This binding layer, or coat, will be about 50 mm thick, as well as on it the website ready mix concrete is spread out and completed with a real level leading surface area. Figure 25 is an image of hardcore, blinding and concrete oversite. Despite having a great hardcore bed listed below the site concrete a dense difficult flooring surface, such as tiles, may be a little moist in winter as well as will be cold underfoot. To lower the coldness experienced with some solid ground floor finishes it is a good method to form a continuous damp-evidence membrane layer in the site concrete.


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