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My Girl Friend want to have SEX with me, but I'm Not

Question : 
Okay so first off Im a person that is 16, as well as I am a pure. I visited a catholic school, and also I found out things about religion, and also sex. After my 8 years of bible researches, I am currently set to conserve myself for marriage, yet my girlfriend isn't really. She said that if you actually care about someone, you must sleep around. She wants to do it throughout Christmas eve. I don't wish to be an evildoer and shed it before I get married, as well as i likewise do not wish to drop her. Satisfy assist!

Answer : 
Love and religion are two parts of life, one is for earth life and other is for dooms life. It is your choice chat which one you want to choose. I think you need to choose Religion, because you can find more then more girls in your earth life but in Dooms day; Sex can create problem for you.


How To Find Love In The World

Who is Ideal Boyfriend?

Honesty and admiration are two vital things. The girl must have to consider on both qualities while searching a boy friend because both qualities can help in making a lovely connection successful. The ideal boyfriend should be polite and honest. In finding a boyfriend, one thing that you must actually suppose from them is sincerity and admiration. When a guy is sincere and respectful by his actions and expressions, then there is no any hesitation that he is worthy sufficient to make your boyfriend.
The other main thing is the perfect boyfriend must believe in you and accept you for who you are. The true boy always understands you will never compare you to others; he should always understand you and stand by your own decisions. When your lover admits you for whom you are, then you should have to avoid their mistakes and try to make your relation successful for always.


How to control on sex feeling.

Mostly People Think how to control on Sex feeling?
SEX is most important for mental balance. Sometimes, it is very important for you, and sometimes it is not?
because you feel improper after erection.
There are two types of SEX feelings.
  • Before Marriage
  • After Marriage
  • -->
Before Marriage how to control on SEX feelings?
  1. You need to follow the steps.
  2. You need to avoid to watch Porn Movies.
  3. You need to avoid to see sexy wallpapers
  4. You need to avoid from Sexual talk from your friends or your boy friend / girl friend. ( Have you bf / gf ? LoLx)
  5. you don't need to touch your sex organs.
  6. you don't need to do sex before marriage.

After marriage how to control on SEX feelings?
  1. You need to read the following steps.
  2. You don't need to control on sex with your wife.
  3. You don't need to do sex with others wife ? LOLX
  4. Try to avoid illegal sex.
  5. After marriage it is mentality of each human being. -->