My Girl Friend want to have SEX with me, but I'm Not

Question : 
Okay so first off Im a person that is 16, as well as I am a pure. I visited a catholic school, and also I found out things about religion, and also sex. After my 8 years of bible researches, I am currently set to conserve myself for marriage, yet my girlfriend isn't really. She said that if you actually care about someone, you must sleep around. She wants to do it throughout Christmas eve. I don't wish to be an evildoer and shed it before I get married, as well as i likewise do not wish to drop her. Satisfy assist!

Answer : 
Love and religion are two parts of life, one is for earth life and other is for dooms life. It is your choice chat which one you want to choose. I think you need to choose Religion, because you can find more then more girls in your earth life but in Dooms day; Sex can create problem for you.


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